You can convert an XML file to a JSON file using an XML to JSON converter.

In a matter of seconds, it transforms the XML elements into JSON keys.

How can I convert XML to JSON?

Using our JSON to XML converter, you can also convert your JSON code to XML. You can transform XML code by following the simple procedures below:

  1. In the left input box, type or paste XML code.
  2. Select "Right Arrow" from the menu.

What are JSON and XML?

An extensible markup language called XML was explicitly created for storing data. It is a markup language like HTML but without predefined tags.

While JSON, which stands for JavaScript Object Notation, is a more straightforward format for storing and sending data.

Reading data from a web server and displaying it on a webpage is typical.

How does the converter function?

Our free utility transforms the XML data into a similar JSON format. The XML attributes will be changed to JSON keys with the prefix "-" if you enter the XML code.

The converted JSON file will look like this if you insert the following code in the XML input box:

When converting XML, the following guidelines will be followed:

  1. The code's attributes will be handled like any other JSON property.
  2. A JSON array will be created from the sequence of two or more comparable components.
  3. The generated property names do not include the namespaces from the code.

About the JSON to XML Converter from ITTools.Tech

This online tool can convert an XML file into a JSON file. Because XML employs several item kinds for which there is no comparable JSON representation, this method is not entirely correct.

  1. To distinguish them from one another, attributes might be prefixed (@ is used by default).
  2. 'Similar' element sequences of two or more will be transformed into JSON arrays.
  3. To determine the JSON type, you can add the attribute _type to your elements (boolean, float, integer, number, string)
  4. The JSON property #text will be created from terminal #text item types. The options allow for changing this.
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