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Our online editor can help you improve your word choice and writing style in addition to word and character counts, as well as, optionally, help you find grammar errors and plagiarised material. Place your cursor in the text box above and begin typing to check the word count. As you type, delete, and revise them, you'll notice a rise or decrease in the number of letters and words. Text from another software can easily be copied and pasted into the editor online. Even if you leave the site and return later, the Auto-Save tool will ensure you don't lose any changes you make while editing.

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It can be crucial to know a text's word count. For instance, if a writer is required to produce a specific minimum or maximum word count for an article, essay, report, narrative, book, paper, etc. WordCounter will assist in ensuring that the word count meets a particular requirement or remains within a predetermined range.

The average speaking and reading time for your text is shown in the Details summary, and the Reading Level indicates what level of education is required to understand the words you use.

Why Use A Word Count Tool Online?

To start, if you're wondering why you should use an online word counter tool, try manually counting the characters in your material. You'll notice that the exercise is pretty challenging, if not downright annoying before you reach line #7.

In addition, who wants to waste valuable time counting a lengthy paper when a technology like ours is readily available to assist?

Count Number of Words with Small SEO Tools is a counter and word finder web tool. It is a clever word count calculator that provides results in the blink of an eye.

Text Checker Profile

We created a program called Word Finder to make it easier for you to locate and determine the character counts in your written text.

It is designed to provide precise findings and estimate the length of your material.

However, this accessible text counter is more than just a tool for displaying the number of characters and words in your material. Instead, as you'd learn in the section below titled "HOW TO COUNT MY WORDS BY ITTOOLS.TECH IS DIFFERENT," it's an advanced textual content analyzer.

This implies that whether you are a freelance writer, an internet business owner, a student, a teacher, or just an avid social media user, you can rely on our tool to assist you with your content-related initiatives.

What Does Words Count Do?

The layout of our free Word Checker application is relatively straightforward and user-friendly. Although it is highly advanced, it is clear to use and produces outstanding results.

The tool will instantly conduct the scan and display the results as soon as you paste your text into the available text box when you click on this link: 

Depending on how you access word finder, you can also choose to upload data straight from your hard drive or mobile device. Additionally, it is possible to upload files from Dropbox and Google Drive.

How It Tools Word Count Checker Differ?

There is a tonne of text checkers available, but ours is significantly better and more distinctive.

Apart from its intuitive design and ease of use, Text Checker by Small SEO Tools is packed with capabilities that are hard to find in other online text counters that compete with it.

It does the following in addition to counting the words:

  1. The "Basic Count Letter Statistics" are displayed, including the total number of words, characters with spaces, and characters without spaces.
  2. For 1, 2, and 3 words, "Top Word Density" is displayed.
  3. In addition, it says "Extra Count Letter Statistics," such as the total number of paragraphs, the average word length, the average sentence length, the number of sentences, and the number of unique words.
  4. It displays "Length Statistics," such as the proportion of short and long words, the length of the most extended phrases, etc.
  5. With all these characteristics, this program is a comprehensive, high-end textual content metrics analyzer rather than just your standard word counter.
  6. Oh, and you receive all of that for nothing.

We Respect The Privacy Of Our Users

Other online letter counter tools frequently store a copy of your material on their servers after you use them, but we are unique in this regard.

When you use this tool or any of our other SEO and content tools for that matter, WE DO NOT KEEP OR VIEW YOUR CONTENT.

We ensure that only you can access your stuff, which is entirely safe. You can also take advantage of our other Free Tools, such as the Keyword Position Checker and Reverse Image Search.

Disclaimer: Although we make every effort to ensure that our tools are correct, we cannot warrant that this will always be the case.

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