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What is an IP address?

Internet Protocol is referred to as IP. This protocol, along with numerous others like HTTP, TCP, UDP, and others, is in charge of creating communications in the majority of modern networks. An IP address can even be on a refrigerator! Appliances like a router, server, phone, computer, television, etc.

No device can interact with another on the globe without an IP address. IP addresses are the alphanumeric names given to devices as a "licence plate" so that other devices can call them.

Private IP and public IP are two different forms of IP.

Four number blocks are used to build both public and private IP addresses. Each block is divided by a period (".") and contains a value between 0 and 255. A public IP address might be, while a private IP address might be

Can public and private IP addresses be equal?

The two options are no and yes. Wow, you'll be in awe. I describe. Due to the unique nature of every Internet connection, a public IP can never be reproduced. Private IPs cannot be duplicated either within a private network. However, it's possible, for instance, that a friend of yours has a private IP address for one of their devices and can match a private IP address you have for a device.

This is because, for instance, every home has a network with private IP addresses for its devices; however, this does not imply that the web at your friend's house must have unique private IP addresses. In other words, a router is present in every household, and it assigns private IP addresses to each device that can correspond to the private IP addresses that the router from your friend's home sets to their devices. Do you know what an IP address is already?

What is a public IP address?

Your internet service provider will assign you a public IP address so you may be identified online. Similar to how you cannot drive outdoors without a licence plate, neither can you access the Internet without a reference or identification.

Whenever you restart your router or occasionally, your ISP (internet service provider) will often rotate these IP addresses. These are what are referred to as dynamic IP addresses. We must get in touch with the ISP and ask them to assign a device a static or fixed IP address manually.

What connection exists between a web domain and a public IP address?

There were few servers available when the Internet first started, and the only way to access them was by using your public IP address. Because there were no domain names yet, it was not worthwhile to write or anything like to access a particular resource; instead, one needed to know the IP address of the server hosting that resource. Imagine that server's IP address was

As data centres grew, they began to house more servers and a wider variety of information. Isn't it practical, effective, and simple to memorise all those numbers? Learning or pointing to each resource's IP address would be absurd. That is how the well-known domain names of today came to be.

Currently, to disguise an IP address with a domain name, we use the well-known DNS (Domain Name Servers). You no longer need to provide the IP address to access materials; instead, mention There is a tonne of benefits to using domain names rather than IP addresses:

  1. Compared to IP addresses, they are simpler to remember.
  2. They are less lengthy.
  3. They are more appealing when used for advertising, for instance.
  4. They serve to develop branding and brands.
  5. They are simpler to compose.
  6. Similar to how different domain names may lead to the same IP address

How can I find out what my IP address is?

We constantly assist both customers and non-customers, so if you need to know your public IP address for whatever reason, we'll walk you through it step by step. You can always use one of our tools to know your IP address. Access this page to perform this. As soon as you enter, you will notice your public IP slightly below:

How can I know my private IP address in Windows?

Instead, you must be aware of your Windows private IP address in this situation. Contrary to getting to know the audience, this approach necessitates a slightly more difficult path. However, it is simple to do; stick to the instructions below. Even though Windows' form is the same throughout its editions, we will utilise Windows 10. These are different stages on Linux or Mac, which we will see later.

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