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About converting to subrip

Since Subrip (srt) is a basic subtitle format, you will almost always suffer a loss of functionality or effects when converting to srt. You don't need to install freeware on your computer to use this free online format converter because it is compatible with Linux, Mac (Apple), and Windows. The following paragraphs will give you an idea of what to anticipate when converting your subtitles to srt format. On this page, you will find more information about the subrip structure.

A VTT to SRT converter is a piece of software that can be accessed online and used to convert subtitles stored in the VTT file format into the SRT format. You can choose the beginning subtitle counter for each of the subtitles that are generated in sequential order.

The VTT format is a new subtitle format comparable to the SRT format but includes more advanced text formatting capabilities such as text styling, positioning, and karaoke effects. The output lacks these features because SRT does not support them, so the output is stripped of them.

What Are the Steps to Convert VTT to SRT?

Upload a VTT file

Choose the subtitle file with the.vtt extension you want to convert to format.

Please choose the format you want to convert to. Choose SubRip (.srt) as the format for the file you want to convert it to (or choose any other format).


  1. To submit yours.vtt file for conversion using our caption converter, click the button labelled "Convert VTT."
  2. Ebby's caption convertor will automatically convert your subtitle file with a.vtt extension to format.
  3. After the conversion process has been finished, the file ending will be automatically downloaded to your browser.

Conversion online from VTT to SRT format

Online tools help you convert your VTT files to SRT format. There is no need to download any cumbersome software! All of's video editing tools, including the ones for creating subtitles, can be accessed and used directly from a web browser. You will have access to all of your projects at any time and from any location.

Quick, precise, and not overly expensive

The online subtitle conversion service provided by is lightning fast and boasts an accuracy rate of 95%. This is also the case with the tool for automatic transcription. You may need or want to make some changes to the transcription, but doing so will only take a few minutes compared to typing it manually. In contrast to other services, this one is incredibly more cost-effective.

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