About converting TSV data to a JSON object

The TSV to JSON Converter was developed to online convert Tab Separated Values (TSV) data into JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) objects. The first TSV row will be utilised for JSON object keys if headers are used.

How does it work?

You can get JSON right now by selecting the required parameters, pasting your TSV data into the text space above, and clicking the "Convert" button.

How to do TSV to JSON conversion

  1. To convert, upload your TSV files.
  2. Select "CONVERT," and then click.
  3. Send an email with a link or directly download the converted JSON files.

What is a TSV to JSON converter?

This converter converts TSV files and data into JSON files and data. The input TSV and output JSON of this converter can both be customised. Additionally, it accepts TSV files with field quotes and unique column delimiters. You can choose whether to disregard empty lines, and it supports comment lines. Further, you can modify the output JSON indentation's use of spaces.

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