Torque Converter

The twisting force is known as torque frequently results in rotation. The torque is calculated by multiplying the force exerted and the distance from the point of application. Because of this, the torque value is expressed in units of force and length, such as 15 lbf.ft. Torque values expressed in ounces and inches will be smaller than those described in feet and pounds or yards and tonnes. You may convert torque measurements between different unit measurements with the ITTools calculator.

Torque Converter Calculator

Use this calculator to convert units between different torque measurement scales quickly. Units may be converted from one measurement system to another, such as from to, or from one measurement size to another, such as from to lbf.ft. Save this page as a resource for your torque calculator.

Conversion of Torque

Torque is a composite physical variable for a force applied to a lever arm with a rotating movement. A torque of M = force = lever arm with a unit of newton meter [Nm] is produced by a bolt assembly when a force is applied perpendicular to the wrench.




τNm = torque in Newton-meters

τft−lb = torque in foot-pounds 

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