Time Converter

Time Converter

Choose the time unit you want to convert to after entering the time value and units you want to convert from. Seconds, milliseconds, microseconds, nanoseconds, days, hours, weeks, months, and years can all be converted.

The average number of days in a month is used to convert months in this time converter. A month is made up of 30.416 days. Each month has 30.416 days (365 x 12). This is the same as dividing the year's 365 days by 12 months.

The 365-day year is used to compute years in this time converter. This calculator does not consider the additional day in a leap year, which has 366 days per year.

How to Convert Time Units?

You can multiply or divide a unit of time into another by applying conversion factors. The math involved in converting between units can be made simple by knowing the conversion factor:

S * C = E

S stands for the initial value, C for the conversion factor, and E for the converted value.

Second-by-second conversions

Any time value can be multiplied into seconds using the conversion factors in the table below.

For instance, change 120 minutes into seconds.

  1. 120 minutes divided by 60 seconds every minute
  2. 7200 seconds are equal to 120 minutes multiplied by 60 seconds each minute.

Example: 28,800 seconds converted to hours

  1. 28,800 seconds times 1/3600 of an hour every second
  2. The equivalent calculation is to divide 28,800 seconds by 3600 seconds each hour.
  3. 28,800 seconds multiplied by 3600 seconds every hour equals eight hours.

You can multiply by the factor for A to convert it into seconds and divide by the factor for B to turn it out of seconds to convert between any two units in the left column, let's say from A to B. Alternately; you can get the simplified factor by dividing the conversion factors for A and B.

By multiplying the number of minutes by 60 and dividing the result by 3600, you can convert minutes to hours. Simply put, this is equivalent to multiplying by 60/3600, or 0.016666667. You multiply by 0.016 to go directly from minutes to hours.

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