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Slug Generator is a free online developer tool that immediately converts words or text into a human-readable and SEO-friendly URL slug for enhanced SEO optimization.

The output slug will be presented by the string you enter in the input box to slugify.

When finished, use the copy button to quickly transfer the outcome to your clipboard.

Bulk Slug Generator Online

Multiline-slug is a jQuery script that creates URL slugs in bulk from multi-line strings, words, or other content that is both SEO- and human-friendly. Uses special characters and accents to support multiple languages.

What role do URL slugs have in SEO?

A URL slug greatly aids in describing the content of a website with a number of keywords so that the user is aware of the topic of the page they are visiting. It plays a significant role in SEO optimization for SERP placement as well.

Take a look at these two URLs. The second one is a legitimate slugified URL with text indicating the title of a post, whereas the first one is a conventional URL with a query string specifying the post ID.


As you can see, the latter URL is more approachable. Unlike the former, which just has a query string that says nothing, you can tell right away what the website you're visiting is about from reading the URL slug. Furthermore, as web crawlers also scan URL slugs like humans do, having a self-described URL slug is one of the elements that raises your website's ranking in search engines.

As a result, you should include certain keywords in your URL slugs to improve the SEO performance of your website and give yourself an advantage over rivals that do not use URL slugs. To ensure that they are easily readable in SERPs, particularly on a mobile device, keep URL slugs short and descriptive.

How to turn a text into a slug online?

  1. Type one or more articles, tutorials, webpage, or website titles in the text input field.
  2. Indicate whether you want the stop words removed.
  3. Indicate if you wish to remove digits and numerals.
  4. Indicate if you wish to hyphenate (-), underscore (_), separate words with an em dash (—), or use an en dash (-).
  5. To generate several slugs at once in a batch, click the Convert button.

Common phrases can be turned into domain names that are searchable and search engine friendly by creating slugs for them. There are several ways to create URL-friendly domain names and permalinks using plain text. Slugging frequently turns a phrase or name into a brief, distinctive, and web-friendly term. WordPress uses "slug" URLs to generate distinct "permalink" addresses for each post and page. Therefore, if you want to add a feature that turns regular text into a link optimized for search engines, I will reveal a straightforward jQuery plugin that can help.

How Do ITTools.tech Create A Human-Readable And Seo-Friendly Slug?

  1. In these phases, a slug is created:
  2. substituting words for special characters, for as $ for dollar.
  3. removing the characters "!"#$ percent &'()*+,./:;=>?@[] '|" from the text.
  4. The text is in lowercase.
  5. Dash in place of spaces (-).

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Text To Slug - FAQ

Describe a URL slug.

A URL slug, or transliteration of the words in the url, is the portion of the URL that appears at the very end and contains the precise address of a particular page on your website. The user will be able to grasp the content of your web page, and your SEO will increase if your slugs are descriptive and brief (1–5 words).

What does a generator for URL slugs do?

A free online developer tool called SLUG generator immediately converts words or text into a human-readable and SEO-friendly URL slug for enhanced SEO optimization.

Similar to the title of a blog post, the URL slug also briefly defines the topic of the page or post. Each word in the URL slug is separated by a dash, making it search engine friendly and readable by humans and crawlers.

How can I create an online URL slug?

Enter your content in the text section of our tool, use our SLUG generator to slugify several items by adding each item on a separate line, and click the "Generate" button to produce a tidy URL slug.

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