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Convert SRT to VTT Online

You can quickly and easily convert the SRT subtitles files you have into VTT format. Send us file, and make sure to save it as a VTT. Using our captioning or subtitle tool, you can create new subtitles files automatically and then download them as SRT or VTT files. These files can be made using either audio or video as their source. You should hard-code or burn them into your video for VLC and other media players to display your subtitles without having to do anything.

What Are the Steps to Convert SRT to VTT?

  1. You must upload an SRT file.
  2. Choose the subtitle file with extension you want to convert to the.vtt format.
  3. Choose the format you want to convert into.
  4. Ensure that the output file format is set to WebVTT (.vtt) (or choose any other form).


  1. Submit file containing your captions by clicking the Convert SRT button on our website.
  2. subtitle file you uploaded will have its.vtt extension automatically converted by Ebby's caption convertor.
  3. After the conversion process has been finished, the file ending in.vtt will be automatically downloaded to your browser.

What exactly is a file with an SRT Caption?

The abbreviation "SRT" stands for "SubRip Subtitle format." It got its name from a piece of DVD-ripping software that was utilised to remove subtitles and the timings associated with those subtitles from DVDs and various other types of videos.

Before some bright minds came up with SRT, caption files were written in XML code, which resulted in them being quite cumbersome. The whole wide world required something simpler! As a result, the SRT file format was developed.

Online SRT to VTT Conversion Tool

Using the free online SRT subtitle converter Ebby offers, you can quickly and easily convert your SubRip (.srt) subtitle files to WebVTT (.vtt) files.

You are not required to download and install any third-party software on your computer; everything can be done in your browser, and it is compatible with Windows, Mac (Apple), Linux, and any mobile device.

What Are the Steps to Opening an SRT File?

Notepad and Wordpad are both text editors that can be used to open your SRT file. You can accomplish this by right-clicking the file, selecting Open With from the context menu, and selecting an editor from the list.

You can also use software designed specifically for editing subtitles, or a website called Subly, which allows you to do everything you need online without downloading any applications on your computer.

Regarding the SRT Format (SubRip)

Even though the SubRip (SRT) format is one of the most widely used formats for subtitling and captioning, it is considered one of the most fundamental.

Most video players and software for media editing and recording, including VLC, KMPlayer, BS Player, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Facebook, and YouTube, fully support SubRip files. These files are denoted by the after their names, and they have this extension.

Four primary components make up a SubRip file:

A number that identifies each of the subtitles is known as the Subtitle Sequence Number. The subtitles have a sequential numbering system that begins with 1.

Timecodes for the beginning and end of the subtitle are used to indicate when the subtitle should appear on the screen and when it should disappear.

The beginning and ending timecodes are formatted as follows: hours:

  1. Seconds and milliseconds for each minute (yes, the fractional separator is a comma).
  2. The actual words that make up the subtitle or caption.
  3. A blank line denotes the completion of one subtitle and the beginning of another.
  4. The SRT file format is broken down here.

SRT is capable of supporting some fundamental text formatting, which is based on HTML tags:

<b>...</b> - bold

<u>...</u> - underline

<i>...</i> - italic

<font color="[name>|#code]">

...</font> - font colour

X1:... X2:... Y1:... Y2:... - line position/coordinates (placed after the timecodes)

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