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About Link Price Calculator

You can use the Link Price Calculator to determine the approximate cost that needs to be charged or paid for a specific domain. Input the URL and press the button to calculate the link price.

Link Cost Estimator from ITTools.Tech

Use this Link Price Calculator from ITTools.Tech to quickly determine the cost of your link.

Website owners and advertisers may find our link price calculator to be a beneficial resource. It would help if you used this tool to determine how much you would charge or receive each month for a specific link.

The ITTools.Tech - Link Price Calculator uses a unique algorithm to assess a website's reputation based on factors like ranking, age, backlinks, and more.

This Link Price Calculator will provide you with an estimate of the monthly fee you should charge for a specific URL or text link if you are a website owner. However, this tool can assist you in determining how much you should pay for the text link ad if you want to optimise your website and feel the need to promote it on another website.

How should I utilise this link price estimator?

This free web tool is straightforward to use and doesn't take any programming knowledge to determine the cost of a particular link (URL).

You only need to type the URL into the box provided and press the "Submit" button. The outcome will then be generated and displayed to you immediately.

This link price calculator will calculate the link price every month and display it in US dollars. When determining link prices, you should also consider certain factors, such as the website's age, the number of backlinks, and the Alexa traffic rank. These characteristics are crucial if you want to acquire the best link price for your website.

What time of day should I use this Link Price Calculator?

Anytime you want to sell or buy backlinks from another website, you can use this free link price calculator online.

  1. With only one click, this link price checker will provide you with an accurate link price estimate.
  2. It will be challenging for anyone to estimate your level of popularity from traffic at any particular time because the internet is connected to millions of devices from individuals worldwide. Because it can quickly and simply calculate link prices, this link price calculator benefits many website owners and admins.
  3. With the help of this tool, the buyer and seller of the link can compare backlink prices and bargain on the final price.
  4. Every website owner naturally wants to receive a fair deal when buying or selling backlinks, and this tool can assist owners in obtaining an accurate value for their links. This can aid them in maintaining better relationships with their partner websites by preventing them from overcharging or underpricing for backlinks.
  5. As your website establishes itself as an authority in the field, collaborating with other websites will open doors to further options. Instead of merely selling links, you may even think about selling space on your website, which could increase its revenue.
  6. The most helpful SEO tool you can use to assess a specific URL's cost rapidly is this link price calculator from ITTools.Tech. Because all you have to do is copy and paste the URL you wish to check into the box given, the tool will calculate the link's cost automatically.
  7. If more advertisements are linked to a website, website owners can make more money. Since it is based on a website's popularity, advertisers should be willing to pay more than the going rate.
  8. Use this link price checker frequently to get a sense of the most recent link prices. Knowing how much you should charge or pay for backlinks is essential whether you sell or buy them.