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About Keyword Density Checker

Did you know that your website's ranking may be affected by the frequency with which a keyword occurs relative to the overall number of words on the page?

Yes, it does, and it goes by "Keyword Density."

Search engines will probably take offence if you use a term or phrase too frequently on your website. If you take less time than necessary, the page might not receive enough signals from search engines to be ranked for that specific phrase.

For the best search results, you should achieve the ideal keyword density. not too little, not too much

But how do you even begin to count the number of times a keyword appears on a web page or blog post? Can you even complete it correctly?

It turns out you'll need assistance from a reliable tool. And for that reason, we developed the Keyword Density Checker for this SST.

Keyword Density Checker

A tool called Keyword Density Checker was explicitly created to determine the keyword density of any web page.

ITTools developed the application.Tech development team responded to their discovery that some marketers were still cramming their content with tons of keywords without even realizing it. Because Google does not want you to stuff your content with keywords needlessly, their websites suffer.

This device is the ideal solution to that issue. You can use the tool to examine a single web page by entering its URL or a section of text by copying and pasting.

The most straightforward way to determine keyword density is to divide the total number of times a specific keyword appears in a text by the total number of words in the text, multiply the result by 100, and then take the result as your percentage.

But our keyword density tool does more functions than only determining keyword density. It indeed looks for and examines ALL of the top keywords that are present in the page or text that is being discussed, and it displays the following metrics to help your SEO and content optimization efforts:

How many keywords are used in total on that page?

If you're examining a URL, the duration of the page load.

A keyword-filled tag cloud of the entire text or page under analysis.

The most frequently used keywords, their frequency counts, and indicators of whether or not they have titles, descriptions, or "H*" tags are all included in the material.

Keyword density, frequency of use, and percentage of service for each word or phrase used in the text under consideration. The breakdown of these calculations includes descending tilts of one-word, two-word, three-word, and four-word keywords.

This complex analysis enables you to quickly define and become familiar with the ratio and the total number of keywords utilized in your text.

Keyword Density Checker Usage

Using our free keyword density calculator online requires just two button clicks and two easy procedures.

Step #1: Enter the URL of the page you wish to study on this page (, which is where you are currently at. If the article has not yet been posted online, choose "TEXT" and paste your material.

Step #2: To run your request, click "Check."

  • Once you've done so, our keyword density analyzer will instantly pull up every keyword-related piece of information from your website or part of the content and display it in a tabular fashion.
  • Don't forget that you may use this tool to study not just your websites but also those of your rivals to learn more about what they are up to.
  • You can discover that the percentage of times your target keywords appear is either too low or too high after performing a keyword density evaluation. In that situation, we advise you to change the text.