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About Domain Authority Checker

You may check a website's Domain Authority score with the Domain Authority Checker tool. 

Enter the website URL you want to search for and click the "Check Authority" button.

Why is a domain authority checker necessary?

How would you determine which websites were the most reliable or authoritative to target if you wanted to feature on them to build backlinks?

After all, the Internet contains more than 1.8 billion web pages.

It appears that a ranking system exists! commonly referred to as "MOZ Domain Authority."

Not all websites receive the same rating. Some carry a stronger "reputation and respect" than others. Some people have been actively cultivating their profile online for years. A few people enrolled this year only. Some people are still working to acquire momentum.

The variance across websites necessitates using a rating system (DA).

Domain authority: What is it?

Site DA is a score [created by] that indicates a website's "strength" and relevance for a particular topic matter or industry. It forecasts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages using a logarithmic scale of points ranging from zero to one hundred (SERPs). A website's DA increases with the number of points it receives.

  1. Now, distinguishing between page authority and domain authority for a website is essential. They are unique.
  2. In contrast to page authority (PA), which measures the ranking potential of a single web page, website authority (DA) informs us about the overall ranking potential of the complete domain or website.
  3. Both need tools to be checked. We then provided a means for you to check domain authority at that point.

How should we utilise our domain authority checker?

It's really simple to use our website authority checker. Just adhere to these easy instructions:

  1. Visit for more information.
  2. Enter the URL for the check you want to conduct in the box given.
  3. After entering the web site's URL, select "Check Authority" from the menu.
  4. Our robust engine will serve the results in a few seconds.
  5. However, this website authority checker application does more than displaying your site's DA. In addition to the Moz rank, it also shows the page authority of that domain.
  6. Additionally, the options from which you'll be led to a more informative result, namely backlinks, domain ranking, and website seo score, will be shown in the following part.