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The usability and ranking of your website can suffer from broken links. You can find the broken links using a website's broken link checker. Enter the URL to check for broken links on your website right now!

Does SEO suffer from broken links?

That is a question that many people frequently have.

Many claims that using backlinks to rank websites is no more effective than other methods. If it describes you, let's think more because incoming links are a crucial ranking factor for search engines like Google.

Suppose a trustworthy website does not link back to your website in a necessary way. You won't likely be able to get your website to appear on the first search engine results page. Since inbound links are now required to rank the websites in search engine results pages, SEO experts don't have an option but to pursue them.

Dead links, also broken links, have a significant adverse effect on your site's SEO. The performance of your website as a whole will suffer because the search engines won't be able to crawl or index the page.

Google detests broken links

You should be highly aware of your broken backlinks if you want to win over the critical search engine giant "Google." The most recent Google algorithms currently favour offering a better user experience. And does not favour ranking websites with broken or missing links. Using our Broken Backlinks Checker, you can do link analysis to see which of your website's referring sites have dead links.

Experience of Users & Dead Links

Users who can no longer get the information they are looking for through dead links may leave your website. The majority of the time, 404-page errors become irritating. Users become irritated and switch to another website that can deliver the information immediately. Therefore, it is best to immediately fix any broken links to provide a better customer experience.

How to Find Broken Backlinks Using Our Tool

Numerous tools and apps available online allow you to check missing backlinks. However, most of them require payment, and even those that are free cannot produce reliable findings. Using these utilities will leave you disappointed.

ITT's Broken Backlinks Checker is one of the best tools for checking missing inbound links from referring domains.

To use this tool, follow the easy instructions listed below.

  • Click here to visit our website:
  • Place a URL in the available field.
  • On the "Check Broken BackLinks" button, click
  • A thorough Report will be produced by the tool.

The tool is quite helpful for both novices and experienced SEO professionals. They can use it to track their current backlinks and fix any faulty ones they discover coming from the referring domains to their website or webpage.

We advise using this tool not only to rank your website but also to use it to outrank your competitors. It will enable you to raise your Page Authority and Domain Authority. However, you will also be able to drive visitors to your website in addition to that.