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The most crucial elements that affect how effectively your websites rank in search engine results pages are backlinks and content (SERPs).

If anything can be inferred from this, backlinks should be highly significant and should be regarded as such.

Knowing what your backlink profile looks like is the first step in treating your site's backlinks with the respect they merit. To put it another way, to know where you stand and the next step you should take, you would need to examine your backlinks.

A free backlinks checker tool can help with this.

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Use our free backlinks tool to analyze your website's backlinks in great detail.

This free backlink analyzer was created by ITTools.Tech(ITT). However, it completely integrates the Ahrefs engine to pull and present a comprehensive backlink report for any live website or web page.

This tool will enable you to:

Find out and monitor the sources of your backlinks.

By researching your best-performing content, find out which keywords or pages are giving you the most links. Conduct a backlink audit and analysis for any site.

To identify trends and potential link-building opportunities, identify the most valuable backlinks of your competitors and look at their backlink profiles.

Our Free Backlinks Checker Tool Usage

Our tool is surprisingly simple to use. To utilize it, you don't need to be a techie or an SEO authority. In truth, there are only three easy steps required:

Step #1: Navigate to the page you are currently on (

Step #2: Type your URL into the box given. It may be the primary domain leading to the home page of the website or the URL of a specific page, such as a product page or blog post URL. You can specify if the tool should display external links leading to every page on the domain or just to the specific page whose URL you typed in.

Step #3: Select "Check Backlink" from the menu. You might need to finish a CAPTCHA to fulfil your specific request. If so, move forward. The tool will display the results immediately after you've completed the three stages above, together with all the metrics covered in the previous section. If you'd like, you can download the report.

Most other backlink checkers only display a small number of results per page (let's say 10). However, you may view the top 100 backlinks to a single URL using our link checker. Furthermore, you have the choice to view more.

As previously said, our tool DOES MORE THAN JUST SHOW BACKLINKS. As we've already demonstrated in the section above, it gathers and shows other essential metrics.

What should you do with this backlink information once you have it?

These are the top five suggestions:

The most beneficial use of backlinks is likely for search engine optimization. You may boost your backlink profile for better search rankings and more search traffic by using the data that our online backlink tool gives you.

Recovery of Lost Links: Using our programme's data, you may locate and restore lost links. Check out the 404 pages with inbound links. Your website's users and search engine spiders will be sent to the correct page if you use a 301 redirect.

Analyze your competitors' link profiles to find possibilities to strengthen your link profile and search ranking. Competitor Backlink Audit To avoid missing out on crucial link chances, you should always verify the inbound links pointing to top-ranking pages whenever you conduct a rival backlink audit.

Building Relationships: To forge more fruitful connections, follow up with people who link to your websites. This tool can also locate reputable influencers with established page authority who are relevant to your industry. They can assist you in connecting with your intended audience and procure an essential link in the approach. Use this tool to find out who they are linking to or who is linking to them. Based on our tool's data, get in touch and explore the possibility of obtaining one or more links from them.

Create a better backlink profile by checking the calibre of the websites connecting to yours using our link checker. You can choose to ignore unreliable websites and concentrate on reliable ones.

Additionally, you will determine which link-building strategies (blog comments, social bookmarking, guest blogging, etc.) are best for your website. You can create a link profile with higher quality using all of this.