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Image Enlarger

Online small image enlargement in high resolution at 2, 4, 8, and 16 times the original size

On your computer or smartphone, enter the image's specifications up to 10 megapixels (3200x2135), choose the desired image enlargement, click the OK button at the bottom of the page, wait a few seconds, and then download the outcome. There are already some other settings in place. Additionally, this website has a common scaling in pixels.

How Do You Enlarge A Photo?

1. Use the "Select Image" option to upload your image.
2. Click the "Enlarge Image" button after entering the desired image size.
3. Click the "Download Image" option to obtain the larger image.

Download a small photograph of red roses and try to enlarge it in Photoshop to a size of 640x427 pixels, or 500 per cent, to achieve the same pixel size as in the preceding example after enlarging it twice. This will ensure that the image has been enlarged in great quality. You may quickly see the value of this online tool by contrasting the outcomes of Photoshop with this website.

It is preferable to remove jpeg artefacts from the original image before processing it here or to use the Mitchell or Quadratic interpolation algorithms in the settings on this page if the image was extensively compressed. If necessary, you can gently enhance the image's sharpness after enlargement.

The following links to the PNG-24 without compression versions of the following interpolation algorithms are also supplied for comparative purposes: DCCI, Lanczos, Mitchell, Quadratic, and Cubic. These URLs can be accessed as separate tabs in your browser.

Nothing about the original image has changed. You will receive a second image bigger than the original two, four, or more times.

How are photographs enlarged on ITTools.tech?

ITTools.tech intelligently removes noise and serration in photos using the most recent Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. This permits the enlargement of the photos without sacrificing quality.

How do other tools compare to ITTools.tech?

With other programmes and tools, like PS, an enlarged image may still appear hazy, have noticeable blur, and have noise. Our product leverages neural networks with a unique algorithm tailored specifically for the lines and colours of the photographs. The final image is of much greater quality as a result. The colours are vibrant, and there is hardly any "glitter" or obvious doubling. More importantly, the noise, which significantly impacts quality, is not visible in the final photographs.

What photographs can be enlarged the best?

The processing of anime photos and illustrations is almost flawless; the colours, details, and borders are all preserved. Regular photographs are also supported.

What are the upper restrictions for images that are uploaded?

There are currently 5M premium users with any resolution for free.

How fast is it moving?

Once the process begins, the estimated remaining time will be displayed. The time required varies depending on the original size and enlarging setups. Typically, the actual processing time is substantially less than the projected time. This is also influenced by server load and time of day.

I was unable to enlarge it! Why?

There is a small possibility that your expansion will fail depending on the state of your network and the number of ITTools.tech users that are now online. If you run into a problem like this, try again.

After I start, should I leave my browser open?

Yes, if you haven't logged in. It would be best if you kept your browser open to prevent losing the expanded image. You can shut off your browser if you've already logged in because we offer offline enlarging.


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