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You may convert ICO to PNG files on, a comprehensive collection of free online utilities. Quick, cost-free, and simple to use. It is used to convert website favicons, desktop, and app icons, which are essential. Don't hesitate to give it a shot; you won't regret it.

What is ICO format?

Microsoft Windows uses the ICO file format as an image file format for computer icons. One or more tiny images are included in various sizes and colour depths in ICO files so they can be resized properly. Every executable in Windows that shows the user an icon on the desktop, in the Start Menu, or Windows Explorer must have the icon in ICO format.

How To Convert ICO To PNG?

1. To convert multiple files on your computer to PNG format, click the "Choose Files" button. Alternatively, using the USE REMOTE URL button, you can select an online file from a URL, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Up to 5 MB can be used for image files. To obtain detailed information about the source image, such as its size, resolution, quality, transparent colour, etc., utilize a file analyzer.

2. Determine the desired image format, quality, and size. You have two options: utilize the default image size or choose "Change width and height" and enter a custom image size. As an illustration, the format is [width]x[height], or 1920x1080. Only a few image formats, like JPG, WEBP, AVIF, etc., are compatible with the picture quality choice. The value goes from 1 (the maximum compression and lowest image quality) to 100. (best quality but least effective compression). The converter will use your input image's estimated quality if this field is left empty. If it can be ascertained else, it will use 92.

3. Click the "Convert Now!" button to begin the batch conversion. Please be patient when converting since it will automatically attempt another server if the first one fails. In the "Conversion Results" section, a list of the output files will appear.


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