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Each picture in an ICO file has its ICONDIR ("Icon directory") structure, which is followed by a contiguous block of all the image bitmap data (which may be in either Windows BMP format, excluding the BITMAPFILEHEADER structure, or in PNG format, stored in its entirety).

How do ICO files work?

Images in ICO files are pixel-based and have a maximum resolution of 256 x 256, 24-bit colour, and 8-bit transparency. For Windows users to connect an image with an application, ICO files provide a handy location to store and scale the images required to display the icons.

ICO file opening instructions

An ICO file can be opened, edited, and created with Windows IconMaker. CorelDRAW is a great tool for producing, editing, and reading ICO files. Use our online ICO Converter to convert ICO files. To use specific images as icons or to store the icon image in an editable or portable format, ICO files are frequently converted to and from other file types.

GNU Image Manipulation Program is a well-known application for modifying ICO files (GIMP). Operating systems for Mac, Linux, and Windows all support ICO. ICO files can also be opened with Microsoft Paint, Apple Preview, or IrfanView.

How do you Convert ICO to different sizes?

  1. Click the "Choose Files" button to select your ICO files.
  2. Choose the size you wish to have to start from 16x16 to All the different sizes you need. 
  3. Click the "Convert" button to start the conversion.
  4. When the status change to "Done", click the "Download" button.

Why ITTools.Tech is top of all tools?

Simple to Use

Simply click the convert button after uploading your ICO files. Additionally, you can batch convert ICO to PNG.

Safe & Free

Any web browser can use our free ICO to PNG Converter. File privacy and security are guaranteed. 256-bit SSL encryption is used to protect files, which are immediately erased after two hours.

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