HTML Beautifier

How can we make use of this HTML Beautifier and beautifier tool?

Steps for formatting HTML online

In the editor, type the HTML.

Select Tab or Indentation with Space. You can choose the number of spaces to be indented in each space.
Certain Warp Lines characters are used, such as wrap after 40, 70, or 80 characters. To prevent automatic wrapping, choose not to wrap.
The HTML code will be formatted when you click the Format HTML button and appear in the output.

HTML Beautifier/Formatter Tool: What is it?

An online tool called HTML Beautifier/Formatter makes it simple to improve your HTML code. You can paste any unindented or minified codes, and the output will be formatted or beautifully presented.

Why should HTML code be made more aesthetically pleasing?

Beautifying minified or unindented code makes it easier for developers to read, comprehend, and debug. Additionally, it makes it simpler for developers to read the codes of other developers.

How does this tool for formatting HTML work?

The Javascript formatting library in this web tool makes it simpler to format the code. The library runs regular expressions against the source code to function. Regular terms apply the proper indents, wrap lines, and eliminate superfluous lines when they match the codes.

An example of formatting in online HTML

See the straightforward illustration below:

Enter the following HTML markup: html>head>meta charset="utf-8">title>

Test title / title / head / head / body / body / html /

How can HTML code be viewed online?

Launch the HTML viewer, and Copy and paste HTML code into an input text editor to see errors in HTML syntax.
The Upload file button can be used to upload an HTML file if you have one. Additionally, HTML code with a public URL can be uploaded. Paste the URL by clicking the URL button.

Once HTML data is available in the editor via paste, file, or URL, click the Run / View button.
In the Output Editor, the user will see the HTML preview.

How is HTML Viewer put to use?

The online HTML Viewer uses JavaScript to parse HTML and preview HTML data.

You only need to paste your HTML code and select Run/View. No code is sent to the server for preview by this tool.

When uploading a file, the browser reads the file; when uploading a URL, the browser transmits the URL to the server, which returns HTML data, which is then shown in the output area.

Check here for output formatted HTML code.

Please verify that the input code is formatted into numerous lines with the proper indentations so that developers can easily read and debug it. Also, syntax highlights will be shown in the prepared output.

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