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Hexadecimal text to make it more readable. Computers store text as numbers using hex; you can show the numbers in base-16 rather than decimal form. Hexadecimal is a 16-symbol numeric system known as base 16 or hex. The symbols are 0 through 9 and a–f (sometimes A-F). 3BF2 is an illustration of a hexadecimal number. Hexadecimal can be used in digital electronics and computing applications for binary coding. Hex is primarily used in a more approachable manner to display values.

While humans can deal with many digits, computers can only handle binary data. Humans commonly employ a base-10 system, although computers prefer to work with hexadecimal over decimal for many tasks.

You can utilize hex more effectively than a significant number of ones and zeros because it takes up less space (on paper or the screen). You can also go back and forth between binary and hexadecimal if necessary. A is, for instance, 1010.

As computers employ bytes as a unit of information, hex numerals are used in programming to express huge quantities compactly. Two digits represent a byte in hex, but a byte in binary requires eight digits.

Computers' Red-Green-Blue color scheme also employs hexadecimal. Each color, red, green, and blue, is represented by a byte, which is two hex digits. There are six hex digits in RGB color. Computer memory addresses are frequently represented using hexadecimal as well.

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The most accessible online hexadecimal code-to-text converter available for programmers and web developers. You can acquire a plain text by simply pasting your hex values into the box below and clicking the Convert button. Click a button to receive a plain text: no advertisements, nonsense, or trash.

Hex to Text Converter Features using ITTools.Tech's hexadecimal converter using ITTools' hexadecimal converter.

ITTools.Tech is a free program that instantly converts hexadecimal to text. Some of the critical characteristics of this web tool are listed below.

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The use of this free online hexadecimal converter is not subject to any fees. You can perform as many conversions as you'd like with this tool, which is free to use. To download the results, you do not need to register.

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This hexadecimal decoder can be accessed without having to download any software or follow any complicated instructions. It is a web-based tool that is simple to use when connected to a reliable internet service.

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This hex code translator's user-friendly interface enables you to translate hex to text online quickly and easily. You don't need to hire an expert to use this internet service.

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Results from the hexadecimal code translator are entirely correct. This web tool processes your entered hex value and rapidly converts it into the proper textual form using sophisticated algorithms.


It is possible to use this free hex translator on any device. This web tool operates on all systems, including Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Windows.

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Concerning the security of your uploaded data, you should not worry. This hex code converter offers its users quick and secure conversion. Once the conversion is finished, all the entered data is automatically deleted from the database. We won't store or divulge our users' information to any outside vendor.

Each character in ASCII text encoding utilizes a fixed 1 byte.

Each character in UTF-8 text encoding takes a different number of bytes. Each hex number needs a delimiter, which is necessary.

Hexadecimal to Text Conversion

Hex ASCII code to text conversion:

  1. Hexadecimal byte
  2. Decimal to hex byte conversion
  3. Take a character from the ASCII table.
  4. Go on to the following byte.


To translate the hex ASCII code "50 6C 61 6E 74 20 74 72 65 65 73" to text:


To extract characters from the ASCII code, use the ASCII table.

5016 = 5×161+0×160 = 80+0 = 80 => "P"

6C16 = 6×161+12×160 = 96+12 = 108 => "l"

6116 = 6×161+1×160 = 96+1 = 97 => "a"

You should receive the following text for each hex byte:

"Play Area"

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