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Images don't always turn out as intended, but there are occasions when the answer is as simple as pressing a button or switch. Images flipped or mirrored frequently show eye-catching details that weren't present in the original shot. They also assist in reorienting your original image.

When you need to correct those annoying orientation difficulties, you can rotate and flip photographs with the online image flipping tool from ITTools.tech. But this programme allows you to modify the flip angle to straighten your image, not just for 90-degree or 180-degree rotation.

Flip an Image Online

The flip picture tool is easy to use and comprehend. You may import directly from websites like YouTube or upload your jpg, png, gif, or mp4 files. Then, you can rotate or flip the image with a click of a button. Before flipping or mirroring, creators can explore ITTools.tech's to make more adjustments to their image. Then, select "Export" to save and share your work. Enjoy this free web application, we hope!

Rotate image files

  1. Digital photos, images from other sources, and various images should all be edited with this programme. The outcomes may differ from what you achieve with an image file if you attempt to flip or mirror any other type of file.
  2. After your image has been rotated or mirrored, you can save it in one of the widely used image formats listed below:
  3. The image formats are BMP, EPS, GIF, HDR/EXR, ICO, JPG, PNG, SVG, TGA, TIFF, WBMP, and WebP.

How Do You Mirror An Image?

With the help of this image editing application, you may apply various settings to your photograph.

Rotate Image: To rotate the image 90 degrees to the right or left, use one of the buttons.

Use the buttons to mirror the image either vertically or horizontally.

Custom Rotation: You can flexibly rotate the image using the slider. Keep checking the preview until you get the desired outcome.

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