What is a CSV?

Comma-separated values, or CSV. A CSV file contains one or more records that are separated by newlines. One or more fields, separated by commas, make up each record.

Why Convert CSV to JSON?

Because it is a reasonably basic format and practically all spreadsheet tools and databases support it, CSV is a trendy format for data storage. It becomes challenging, though, to save data in JSON format. JSON demands that the data be in a structure or a schema, which is incompatible with the form of a CSV file. The CSV to JSON Converter programme makes it simple to convert CSV files into JSON format.

The items in your JSON input should include name/value pairs. Additionally, it might be a single object with a variety of name/value pairs for a single property or a single entity with a single object of name/value pairs. A JSONLines/MongoDb format with each JSON record on a single line is also an option. The array can also be recognised using Javascript notation.

Use of the CSV to JSON Converter

  1. Your CSV input will be automatically converted to JSON when you paste it into the left input box.
  2. The box on the right represents the JSON output.
  3. If the CSV has any errors and the converter cannot do the conversion, an error message with the location of the error in the CSV will display in the output box.
  4. Choose options that will impact the conversion using the control box.
  5. Your CSV files are safe. The entire converting process is carried out in your web browser using ConvertSimple's converter rather than sending your CSV data to our servers. This makes the converter from ConvertSimple the safest and quickest converter available.
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