Case Converter

Convert upper case to lower case, lower case to upper case and much more!

With just one click, you can change the case of your text from uppercase to lowercase, lowercase to uppercase, or capitalize single words or phrases using the online case converter at ITTools.Tech, an all-in-one IT tool. This text converter is intended for you if you don't know how to convert the text in Word, Notepad, or other word processing programs.

Sentence case: You can paste any text into the sentence case converter, and it will automatically format it into a complete sentence.

It operates by capitalizing the initial letter of each sentence, changing the rest of the text to lowercase, and changing all i's to I's. After a full stop, each letter will be changed to an upper case letter.

However, names or locations won't be capitalized.

Example: this is for instance, is original content.

Lower case: If you're wondering how to uncapitalize text, the lower case text converter will allow you to do just that. All of the letters in your text are reduced in size. Copy the text you need to generate into lowercase, paste it into the upper box, then choose the option labeled "lower case" to convert it from caps to lowercase.

Example: lowercase is used in this text.

Upper case: Any text you have is converted to all caps using the upper case transformer. In essence, it will convert lowercase letters into capital letters while retaining uppercase letters in their original positions.

Choose the text you want to edit and paste it into the box above, then choose the tab for UPPER CASE.


Capitalize case: The capitalized case converter will automatically change the first letter of each word to the upper case while maintaining lower case for the remaining characters.

To create text in this format, copy it, paste it into the box, and choose the Capitalized Case tab after doing so.

Example: This Text Is Case-Capitalized

Value of a Case Converter

The title of your essay has a significant impact. Thus it must be well-written. For books, movies, articles, and other work headlines, we use our case converter to capitalize or style the titles. Little words are abbreviated, and all big terms are capitalized in the title case. Text-transform also does a great job at changing the case of words in sentences.

You can copy the text and paste it back into the page once you've finished changing it to lowercase or using another converter.

Choose the text case you need from our convenient title case converter, then click. Sentence case converters, lowercase letter converters, and all caps generators can all be useful tools while writing, researching, or sharing written work.

Office employees and those in other professions who frequently work with text are forced to change the text's register after it has been typed. In most circumstances, repressing the material is not the best action. Caps Lock and accidentally clicking entered text are no longer issues! The caps converter may change the case for any document or academic paper.

About Case Changer of ITTools

A handy online tool called ITTools.Tech Case Changer makes it simple for any user to switch between uppercase and lowercase letters in text. Paste the text you want to convert into the designated section. Select a button, then let the gadget complete the task for you.

Usage of Case Changer/Converter

Have you ever written a whole note or document in caps lock without realizing it? Don't worry; nothing needs to be deleted and rewritten. The text can now be automatically converted to the appropriate capitalization style using our case converter tool. To convert uppercase to lowercase, lowercase to uppercase, case title to case phrase, etc., utilize the upper case to lower case tool. Use the case changer by following these three simple steps.

Copy and paste the words, paragraphs, or full document into the box on the left of the Case Converter tool screen. Be aware that while the case changer keeps the spacing, typefaces, hyperlinks, bold, italic, or underlined text won't be recognized.

Select from the available options, including "Sentence case," "Upper case," "Lower case," and "Capital case."

The same box will display your text with the desired capitalization style. You can now manually pick, copy, and paste it into the papers.

Why use an appropriate case converter?

There are numerous justifications for using the case converter tool, including:

You no longer need to manually change to lowercase if you accidentally left the caps to lock on. The utility makes simple adjustments to the text's capitalization issues.

Have you forgotten to capitalize certain terms in your writing? You don't need to type everything again. Utilize the capitalized text tool to convert automatically.

If you specialize in search engine optimization, you undoubtedly already know that capitalizing each word in a title can raise your CTR (click-through rate). The case converter tool lets you utilize each phrase automatically.

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