Apparent Power Converter

This power factor calculator helps examine the alternating current (AC) flowing through electrical circuits. You presumably already know that you can simulate direct current (DC) using Ohm's law. This process is more difficult in the case of AC since such circuits have both actual and reactive power.

The values of the various forms of power in the circuit may be determined with this calculator. It will also provide a power factor formula that expresses the relationship between real and apparent power.

Apparent Power Converter Online

Real and reactive powers are combined to form apparent power, represented by the letter S. Without taking into account the effect of the phase angle, it is the product of the RMS (root mean square) values of voltage and current in the circuit. Additionally, it is a vector sum of P and Q. In Volt-Amps, we measure apparent power (VA).

The sum of an AC circuit's active and reactive powers is known as apparent power. S = P+jQ in complex numbers. S represents apparent power, P represents active power, and Q represents reactive power.

Active Power or True power, P = V x I CosΦ W
Reactive Power, Q = V x I SinΦ VAR
Apparent Power, S = V x I VA

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